Blum, T: Road to Success 2 - Russian for everyday life.pdf

Blum, T: Road to Success 2 - Russian for everyday life PDF

Course Book, Workbook, and Audio Materials at the websiteTHE ROAD TO SUCCESS• consists of two volumes and covers the levels A1 to B1 of the Common European Framework for Languages• is suitable as exam preparation for internationally recognised Certification Tests of Russian as a Foreign LanguageTHE ROAD TO SUCCESS offers• A clear-cut structure and layout• Communication training• Authentic material• Careful selection of language items• A bright variety of training assignments• Immediate practice implementation“The Road to Success” can undoubtedly be considered one of the best courses for BusinessRussian currently available on the world market.”Doctor G.M. Lyovina, Professor of Language DidacticsPushkin State Institute of the Russian Language, Moscow, Russia“The fact that the course book “The Road to Success” is edited by a world-famous expert in the field of Russian as a foreign language didactics, Professor S.A. Khavronina, contributes to its utmost quality.The second volume of the course book provides the students with a modern learning tool designated for both business and everyday life communication in the Russian language.”Doctor L.L. Vokhmina, Professor of Language DidacticsThe Russian Language Abroad



ISBN 9783708916248
AUTOR Tamara Blum, Elena Gorelova
DATEINAME Blum, T: Road to Success 2 - Russian for everyday life.pdf

COURSE DESCRIPTION Comenius University in Bratislava