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The clock is ticking for Sabina Kane. Her sister has been kidnapped by her grandmother, the Dark Races are on the brink of war, and a mysterious order is manipulating everyone behind the scenes. But as much as Sabina is focused on surviving the present, the past wont be ignored. Original.



ISBN 9780316037778
AUTOR Jaye Wells
DATEINAME Green-Eyed Demon.pdf

Due to naturally forming dragon scales upon his body, Abaddon's skin cannot be broken by any weapon [Tier III] and below when the part of his body that is hit is in it's demon forme.-Magical Fusion [Natural Trait] Can create new spells by combining attacks from both aspects of the hybrid. If done so, the power of the spell acts as if the user Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane, Book 3): Wells, … GREEN-EYED DEMON is the third book in Jaye Wells's Sabina Kane series, and we are celebrating the series this week, coinciding with the release of the last book of the series. Sabina Kane, half-mage half-vampire, is looking for her twin sister, Maisie. Their evil grandmother Lavinia, leader of the vampires, has taken Maisie and intends to use