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If you cant spend another hour at work, or plan another meal, or run another errand without screaming for more time in your day, read this book. If you want to organize your day, increase your effectiveness, and become smarter about your life, read this book. Dr. Patrick Georges is a busy man-a neurosurgeon who operates on patients, teaches class, spends time with his family, and travels for business all without fatigue, stress, or spinning in circles. This book shows you how he does it and gives you the checklists to keep your busy life at bay. This book will increase your productivity at work by 5 to 15 percent and gives specific techniques and advice to help you achieve this goal through better organization, through better communications, and with smarter choices. Dr. Georges outlines practical tools that can be used by anyone to increase their intelligence through better organization and offers the 10 most common personal organization errors people make everyday. He gives you the tools you can use to improve your physical and mental health and your workspace, make your work day more effective, set goals and priorities, and organize your teams work or your busy familys agenda.



ISBN 9789746521895
AUTOR Patrick M. Georges
DATEINAME Increase Your Effectiveness.pdf

Volunteering can help you become a better facilitator, stronger leader and develop skills you can employ in your workplace to increase your effectiveness.