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Pattern Recognition is William Gibsons best book since he rewrote all the rules in Neuromancer.-Neil Gaiman, author of American GodsOne of the first authentic and vital novels of the 21st century.-The Washington Post Book WorldThe accolades and acclaim are endless for William Gibsons coast-to-coast bestseller. Set in the post-9/11 present, Pattern Recognition is the story of one womans never-ending search for the now...Cayce Pollard is a new kind of prophet-a world-renowned coolhunter who predicts the hottest trends. While in London to evaluate the redesign of a famous corporate logo, shes offered a different assignment: find the creator of the obscure, enigmatic video clips being uploaded to the internet-footage that is generating massive underground buzz worldwide. Still haunted by the memory of her missing father-a Cold War security guru who disappeared in downtown Manhattan on the morning of September 11, 2001-Cayce is soon traveling through parallel universes of marketing, globalization, and terror, heading always for the still point where the three converge. From London to Tokyo to Moscow, she follows the implications of a secret as disturbing-and compelling-as the twenty-first century promises to be...



ISBN 9780425198681
AUTOR William Gibson
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Pattern Recognition - an overview | ScienceDirect … Pattern recognition techniques can be used to mimic the way the crystallographer's eye processes the shape of density in a region and comprehends it as something recognizable, such as a tryptophan side chain, or a β sheet, or a disulfide bridge. The history of statistical pattern recognition is long, and a great deal of research, both theoretical and applied (i.e., development of algorithms Pattern Recognition - Uni Kiel