The American by Henry James, Fiction, Classics.pdf

The American by Henry James, Fiction, Classics PDF

Newman is looking for a world different from the simple, harsh realities of 19th-century American business. Monsieur has bought my picture, said Mademoiselle Noemie. When its finished youll carry it to him in a cab. A little, my daughter, a little? said M. Nioche perplexed. How much? Two thousand! said Mademoiselle Noemie. Dont make a fuss or hell take back his word. Two thousand! cried the old man, and he began to fumble for his snuff-box. He looked at Newman from head to foot



ISBN 9780809594009
AUTOR Henry James
DATEINAME The American by Henry James, Fiction, Classics.pdf

... of Henry James' classic novels – plus a bonus documentary about his life and work. One of the greatest and most influential American novelists, Henry James ... The American, novel by Henry James, published serially in 1876 in The ... like those to be found in the 14th-century Italian classic Boccaccio's Decameron, each ... He is primarily known for novels, novellas and short stories based on themes of consciousness. James contributed significantly to the criticism of fiction, particularly ...